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Important News for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors!

On Jan, 15th, 2009 Federal contractors and subcontractors will be required to begin using the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' E-Verify system to verify their new employees' eligibility to legally work in the United States. The Civilian Agency Acquisition Council and the Defense Acquisition Regulations Council amended the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to reflect this change.

This new rule implements an executive order that was amended by President George W. Bush on June 6, 2008, directing federal agencies to require that federal contractors agree to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their employees.

Staff Resources, Inc. is enrolled in the E-Verify system and able to act as your Designated Agent to conduct all of your new employee eligibility verifications. Please contact us today for more information.

SRI is “Going Green!”

by Michaëla Short

Green Company Awareness

  • This is important not only for your internal employees but also to your customers and public in general.
  • A continuous reminder – update your company email signature with a green stamp.
  • On-site, in-house Visual reminders – promote green awareness and eco-friendly habits.
  • Demonstrate green practices in the workplace, set a good example for your staff, extend to the community; simply turn off lights to rooms (conference rooms, restrooms) and unplug major electronics not in use.

Office Recycling Initiative

  • Office recycling – make bins available and properly labeled / easy access for paper and containers.
  • Recycle plastic water bottles and plastic grocery sacks.  Wal-Mart has containers for them.
  • Offer reusable coffee mugs and water cups versus disposable.
  • As you company grows and evolves and there is a need to revamp your company letterhead and paper, consider turning old letterhead into office scratch pads.
  • Consider the use of Green Recycling companies. Monthly paper pick-up will not only shred and dispose of your papers securely, but also recycled into new products.

Purchase Recycled Goods

  • Simply changing the purchasing patterns in office supplies to include recycled paper, forms, etc. Change-out your current light bulbs to the energy-efficient bulbs and lighting systems.
  • As the major office equipment lease contracts come due and equipment needs replacement, consider the more Energy Efficient computers, monitors, copy and fax machines.
  • When preparing for a company or building expansion, incorporate LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Payables and Receivables

  • Submit and receive invoices electronically. We contacted our current client base and offered the electronic option. Most willingly accepted the Green initiative and have realized not only the benefits for the environment but also added efficiency in time savings. Going forward, this is our company standard.
  • Submit payments electronically.

Really green your office space

  • Add household plants, this improves indoor air quality by adding oxygen to the air and adds natural beauty and freshness to the area. Encourage your employees to bring in greenery, but a maximum size should be noted.

Green Your Machines

  • Power down PC’s, make use of the stand-by mode during the day.
  • Consider energy efficient copiers, fax and PC’s as machines need replacement and leases come due; some PC manufacturers are offering rebates towards more energy efficient replacement equipment

Go Digital!

  • Not only better for the environment, but considerable office supply cost savings. As the price of paper continues to rise, fewer purchases of ream paper and folders will add up.
  • Electronic files save time and money; fewer cardboard box filing and storage at year end. Quick email configuration will allow for emails to be saved and archived electronically. These files can be sorted just the same as a manila filing system.
  • Update your current copier and fax machine to include software for transforming faxes to electronic files. SRI has designated one person to receive all electronic information and forward to appropriate people. This, again, reduces paper waste.


  • Many corporate memberships offer their newsletters to be sent electronically.
  • As well, communicate with your employees and customers electronically. This will save postage, time and encourage more green awareness. Consider electronic time and expense sheet submittals. We are also saving newsletters for reference on our website. Many times customers have referenced past issues and this can be saved electronically.

Why not let your recruiter work for you?

  • Why do some employers dismiss recruiting/staffing companies as bothersome?

    Recruiting companies can be a value-added resource if used properly. Don’t limit yourself to just using one recruiting firm. More is better, because not all recruiter/staffing companies have the same talent pool of candidates. Get all the Terms and Conditions approved in advance and then let the recruiting/staffing company produce for you. We suggest you add at least one new recruiting firm each year to keep the others on their toes. If the number of firms becomes too large you might want to add one and reduce one or more, but new talent is what is important.

  • Why not let competition work to your advantage?

    When employers post jobs, let a minimum of three recruiting firms work on each posting. It won’t take long to find out which recruiting company can produce the best candidates for you. It’s important to remember that recruiting companies use different search/talent resources to find people. Once you know who used which search/talent resources electing a variety of different staffing firms will give you a wider resource pool from which to choose. With all the corporate downsizing taking place today the talent pool is larger then it has been in years. We suggest you don’t wait to pick up some of this prime talent before it is taken by someone else.

  • Why are some employers against using outside recruiting/staffing firms?

    Some employers feel that if they are paying for Human Resource personnel, it is a waste of money to also hire a recruiting/staffing firm. Free up your internal talent do what they do best and let the outside recruiter assist them to save time and money. Assign the recruiting/staffing firm to work on the more technical positions to find a greater variety of candidates. This will allow the Human Resource staff to be more productive and also have more qualified candidates to review. We suggest you have a good balance of recruiting/staffing firms to supplement your Human Resource Staff.

  • Why limit your recruiting/staffing company to contact with Human Resource personnel only?

    Not on every job, but on selected technical (hard-to-fill) jobs it’s recommended to have a supervisor spend 10-15 minutes with the recruiting company. This can be done over the phone or by email, but time spent writing the job posting to clearly show the qualities and skills desired in a candidate, will help you get candidates that are a much better fit. This will also reduce the large volumes of paperwork generated from receiving résumé from unqualified applicants. We suggest you let your key recruiting/staffing companies have contact with each supervisor requesting new candidates.

  • Is direct hiring always the best answer?

    In many cases it is the best way, but other times it’s better for to use the "contract to hire" option. Many companies have a six-month contract to hire without any cost penalty after that time. The advantage is that the candidate and the employer have a period to make sure it’s the best fit for both parties involved. It’s hard to get this information from reading the résumé or in the interview. Typically someone will not leave their current direct employer for a contract position, but sometimes when the situation presents itself it is another option. This process gives the employee an opportunity to prove to the employer they made the right selection.

  • How should employers select a recruiting/staffing company?

    We suggest you interview them just like you would a candidate you wish to hire. Check out their website for more background information about the company. Investigate which search engines they use to get résumés (CareerBuilder, Monster, The Ladder, etc.) Determine what makes them better than the competition and what background they have to help you as the employer. We maintain that the better the recruiting company understands your business, the better job they will do to get you qualified candidates. Its not about who produces the most résumé, but rather who produces the best candidate.

  • Why is it important to get feedback on a candidate?

    It’s important for the recruiting/staffing company to get feedback on every candidate, whether it is good or bad. If the employer doesn’t want ten or more résumé for each position, good feedback after the first candidate can help clarify the employer’s needs. A good staffing company will use that information to weed out unqualified candidates for the employer, but without it they usually keep sending more résumé that don’t quite fit the employer’s requirements. Employers also need to understand that staffing companies are spending time doing research that may not be needed, because of the lack of feedback. We suggest if you want fast response and quality candidates, good two-way communication is the answer.

SRI Reaches Out In The Communuity!

SRI Staff has been active with several churches in the community, providing free coaching to job seekers in need of assistance!

Some of the résumé items discussed include:

  • Format
  • Key Words
  • Customization
  • Summary Statement
  • Objective Statement
  • Accomplishments
  • Cover Letter

Some of the church communities we have provided service to include:

We look forward to reaching out to other communities in the near future!

Corporate Downsizing: “Turn a Negative into a Positive”

No one likes having to lay off people who have worked for a company for many years.  Why wait until the last minute and then have to tell someone you no longer have work for him or her?  It is extremely hard for older employees to develop résumés that depict their true abilities.  It is also proven that if you are working you have a better chance of landing a new job than someone who has been laid off.

Staff Resources has developed a process of working with companies prior to the actual layoff.  The sooner SRI is involved, the higher the success rate for placing people.  This proactive approach is designed to help both the employee and the employer.

The objective is to have new potential jobs for employees available prior to the separation.  We plan to reduce the unemployment time, which will save companies money.  It will also help the employee get jobs sooner, which will help maintain a steady income.

When we can get businesses and employees working together, positive things will happen.

If you are interested in finding out more about how this process works, just contact SRI at 248-488-8882 to speak with a representative.

SRI's motto is “One company for all people” and we are here to help you.


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