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Interview Tips

  • Dress "business appropriate" – no shorts, t-shirt, etc.
  • If you are running late, be sure to call
  • Concentrate on eye-to-eye contact
  • Speak clearly – do not shout or mumble
  • Ask employer about how much time they have available to talk
  • Ask permission to take notes – bring pen and paper with you
  • Research company beforehand - have a list of general questions to ask
  • Sit facing employer
  • Sit straight up in chair; posture is important
  • Address client as Mr. or Mrs. until told otherwise
  • Answer questions and do not over-discuss; watch your time
  • Always try to get face-to-face with person doing the actual hiring
  • Always convey a positive attitude
  • Know the Privacy Act and your rights under it
  • Avoid crossing your arms, pay attention to gestures and body language
  • Avoid committing to a specific salary - instead, offer a reasonable range
  • Be open and negotiable
  • Follow-up with a "Thank You" letter or email
Your best option if asked a question that appears to violate the Privacy Act is to think about whether it is relevant to your ability to perform the job, and provide an answer that applies to that intent. For example, if you are asked whether you are a United States citizen (which is not legal to ask), you can reply that you are authorized to work in the U.S., which is a question the employer can ask you and which is appropriate to answer.

Résumé Help

  • Open with Objective Statement
  • Have Summary Statement at the top
  • Customize each résumé to the individual job
  • Concentrate on Key Words – powerful and effective words
  • Tailor your résumé to show how you can help the employer
  • Demonstrate how your knowledge can benefit the employer and fill their need (This information will require researching the job description and the company's web site.
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • List education, accomplishments, and training: highlight that which is relevant to the position
  • Think about how dates and times can help or hurt your résumé, highlight where they will help, exclude where they won't
  • Remember that the intent of the résumé is to get you an interview
  • It is not necessary to list every job you have had - concentrate on accomplishments
  • Tell the employer WHY you want the job and WHY they should choose you
  • List key skills and work experience, tie into the position where possible
  • Make sure your name is on each page of the resume, so that if pages get separated your information does not get lost.
  • Be Specific - Avoid vague tems like these:
    1. Accounting - This term is used very frequently, but means different things to many people. You need to list your experiences, for example: Balanced Budgets, Invoicing, Tracked Profit & Loss Statements, Maintained Records, etc. Use as many specifics as possible: How large of an account? For how many people?, etc.
    2. Engineering is another generic and overused word. The employer needs to know exactly what type of work you are capable of doing; you need to convince the employer of your skills as related to the job description. Key phrases to use include: "Reduced cost", "Eliminated down-time", "Increased throughput", etc.

Résumé Process

  1. Important - Always send a Cover Letter with your résumé. Your cover letter should be a brief and focused description of why you believe your skills are a match for the job being offered.
  2. Develop a General Introduction Résumé. Remember to keep it short and use keywords related to the job you are seeking. You should try to limit this type of résumé to around two pages. The sole purpose of this résumé is to get to the next step - the Interview. Review and customize your résumé for each job post ion you apply for - do not send out generic "blanket" résumés for all job openings.
  3. The Interview Résumé is the one that contains more detail. We suggest you carry at least six (6) copies to the interview. Inform the employer during your discussion that many of your qualifications are detailed more thoroughly in this résumé, and hand this to them at the end of the interview for review. The employer should be engaged in the discussion of your qualifications, not distracted looking through your paperwork for them. It is recommended that you have available at least three (3) different reference letters. Often the employer will call to confirm your contact information with your references, so be as honest and accurate as possible, and ask your references to do the same.

Career Transition Plan

  1. Develop a professional action plan that fits you.
  2. Develop your skill identification list. This should include professional skills and personal attributes.
  3. Develop your training and education list.
  4. Remember that customization sells.
  5. Research the selected company.
  6. Review the company's growth over the past 3-5 years.
  7. Review how your qualifications stack up against the company's requirements.
  8. Write a custom résumé to match the company's job requirements.
  9. Remember to list the skills most beneficial to this position and company at the top.
  10. List reasons why the company should select you.
  11. Once hired, you must prepared to be adaptable. This should shine through in both your written and oral presentation. For example, if you are a candidate with twenty years at a facility, note how you can adapt your talents to the new company and/or industry.
  12. Be honest while highlighting your own strengths. You should be everything you present in your résumé and interview, that is, you must be able to "Talk the talk, and Walk the walk".

Salary Calculator

NOTE: It is normal to want the highest salary possible, but remember that the benefit package and other factors are also extremely important. Always look at the total compensation when considering every employment possibility.

You can use the handy Salary Wizard at to assess your worth in a given marketplace.

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